El Mostrador Scraper

I am learning Data Science and one of the Key Points is to collect and clean information.

One option is to filter the content of a Website, like articles, columns or another information. If there is no API of the website available, you need to extract yourself the information. This is called Web Scraping.

For this purpose I am using the library BeautifulSoup4 and Request available via PIP

"El Mostrador's Scraper" filter for a determined Tag how many pages of content are in the website and for every Article saves the Date, Title, Author and URL

      "1": {
          "author": "por Miguel Paz",
          "date": "11 de agosto de 2009 ",
          "link": "http://www.elmostrador.cl/noticias/pais/2009/08/11/pinera-pasa-la-maquina/",
          "title": "Piñera pasa la máquina"
      "10": {
          "author": "por El Mostrador",
          "date": "10 de noviembre de 2009 ",
          "link": "http://www.elmostrador.cl/noticias/sin-editar/2009/11/10/arancibia-%c2%bfel-ministro-de-defensa-de-pinera/",
          "title": "Arancibia, ¿el ministro de Defensa de Piñera?"
      "100": {
          "author": "por El Mostrador",
          "date": "13 de diciembre de 2009 ",
          "link": "http://www.elmostrador.cl/noticias/2009/12/13/pinera-ganaria-primera-vuelta-con-el-441-de-respaldo/",
          "title": "Piñera ganaría primera vuelta con el 44,1% de respaldo"
      "1000": {
          "author": "por UPI Chile",
          "date": "27 de junio de 2010 ",
          "link": "http://www.elmostrador.cl/noticias/pais/2010/06/27/chahuan-rn-valora-decreto-que-entrega-bono-de-mitigacion-a-pescadores-artesanales/",
          "title": "Chahuán (RN) valora decreto que entrega bono de mitigación a pescadores artesanales"
      "1001": {
          "author": "por El Mostrador",
          "date": "27 de junio de 2010 ",
          "link": "http://www.elmostrador.cl/noticias/pais/2010/06/27/documento-revela-irregularidades-en-aportes-de-bachelet-a-ong%e2%80%99s/",
          "title": "Documento revela irregularidades en aportes de Bachelet a ONG’s"
      }, (...)

More info and the code in: